Since 1986, "Your Partner in Projects" is the Motto LAS has grown with. Interest of client comes first and our team strives to maximise the benefits to our clients. We help complete Projects on time within budget and with incorporation of latest technology and concepts. LAS, a multidisciplinary engineering Company, is a one point service center for all your Project needs. LAS has served esteemed clients in India & world wide. Whether you have new project, expansion or modernisation, LAS has the facilities to assist you,


right from preparation of Project Plans to Commissioning. With the extensive database maintained and developed from years of experience, LAS begins working for you even before the project actually starts. "Las believes in Total Quality Work and Client Satisfaction."

LAS is a pool of highly qualified engineers and skilled trained professionals. LAS uses latest tools to enhance the productivity and creativity of our people. Trained and motivated engineers backed with strong infrastructure and Corporate values helps us serve our clients at Par with best in the field. We offer ourselves as an extended arm to our clients for meeting their Project needs. Transparency and open communication enable us to integrate with our client's team. The appreciation and confidence can be gauged from the repeated orders received from our client.

Quality is not just a system, but a culture that covers the length and breadth of our organisation. Each of us not only implement a system, but maintains this culture. We firmly believe that our and Client's objectives will be aligned and fully met only when we deliver Quality services.

Our Quality Audits critically ascertain, identify and evaluate the presence and compliance of norms specified in our Quality Manuals. The Quality Assurance Manager is the Management Representative and is responsible for audits, reviews, reports and training of the QA representatives across the organisation. All QA activities are directly overseen by the Managing Director.


  • Ideal one point Control center for complete project
  • Highly qualied team at client's disposal
  • Cost optimisation
  • Condentiality & secrecy of Client's data
  • Years of experience - well developed Vendor list
  • Over 400 contracts involving grassroot projects, capacity expansions, technological upgrades and revamps in India and abroad
  • Lumpsum Turnkey Contracts, EPCM (Cost plus fee), PMC, FEED and Reimbursable Services assignments
  • Innovative engineering solutions with value-added expertise
  • Strategic access to Technology Licensors and Contracting companies
  • Flexible, Client-conscious approach
  • Quality-certied systems and standards
  • Safety and environmental considerations
  • Commitment to cost and time schedules
  • Operating from strategic, fully-automated ofce in Mumbai, India